I am a Transformational,
Performance Coach and Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator

My work enables people to:

    Be naturally and spontaneously responsive and agile in conversation, instead of reactive to those around them.

    Engage tactfully with others in high-stress, challenging or delicate circumstances.

    Become a pillar of strength, leadership and reason in volatile situations.

    Communicate effectively in dynamic organisational, cultural and family settings.

    Engage with people in ways that let them feel heard and understood.

How Doing This Benefits You

In the hurry of modern business and personal life, the essential finesse of meaningfully relating to other human beings is easily overlooked. People’s attitudes and worldviews will influence relationships or agreements more powerfully than what has been contracted verbally or on paper.

I focus on establishing and sustaining healthy, energised and potent psychological-level harmony within organisations between executives, divisions and staff; between organisations and their clients; and in personal relationships.

I provide the following services

Shifting Organisational Culture

  • Executive and Management-focused

  • Take control of your strategic direction once and for all

  • Quickly resolve internal barriers to development
  • Corporate and Organisational Consulting

  • Inject positive energy into your staff through team development

  • Sustained staff buy-in to corporate philosophy

  • Motivation-building team work

  • Empowered inter-departmental process alignment

  • Coaching

  • Invigorated executives and staff

  • One-on-one and group coaching for real results

  • Actualise corporate and personal goals the right way

  • Performance oriented
  • Communication Skills and Tools

  • Powerful communication-skills workshops

  • Catering for basic to advanced levels

  • Bespoke full-circle learning